January 15, 2010

Hiring a Sr Engineer at the Rubicon Project

Hey everybody - I'm looking to hire a few engineers and thought I'd send out a note to let you all know. The Rubicon Project is truly an /awesome/ company to work for and the work we are doing is really exciting, challenging, very high scale and fun! It's like a startup - with benefits. So if you are ready to take charge of some big technology or know someone that is up to it, please shoot me an email. I've included the obligatory job description below. The position is in Seattle by the way.


Sr Software Engineer

the Rubicon Project is looking for several senior software engineers to help build out new products and features for the Data Intelligence area of our cutting edge online advertising platform. We are looking for people with experience building and operating large-scale, high-traffic Web applications and customer facing Web services. If you are an extremely productive contributor with a get-it-done attitude, work well in a highly collaborative team and want to work in an environment where software engineers are not just cubicle coders but full participants in shaping the product and the business then this job is for you. Serious experience with the following technologies is desired - Linux, Apache, HAProxy, memcached, memcacheq, Java, JSON, Tokyo Tyrant, MongoDB and MySQL.

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