October 20, 2009

Coffee at Zokas in Kirkland

Haven't been to the new coffee place in Kirkland. They have the largest single block of wood table I've ever seen

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October 12, 2009

The UnderTown in Pt Townsend

This past weekend we headed out of town to visit Pt. Townsend on the Peninsula. The weather couldn't have been better for this time of year - blue sky and sunny from the time we arrive to when we left on Sunday. We did a little walking around the beaches and forests of Ft Worden doing some geocaching and after a dinner we were looking for a cool place to hang out. Rinneke spotted this brightly lit stairway going down underground into who knows where. We could hear music drifting up so we went down. It turned out to be the UnderTown, a coffee/wine bar and they had live music on Saturday night.
It was a great way to relax, have a warm drink and spend some time together. If you are ever in Pt Townsend check it out.

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