February 19, 2009

Mining the Twitter Stream

From the Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media blog -
The Business of Mining the Twitter Stream

Good post about mining the Twitter stream which hints that existing social media mining companies may already be too established to be replaced by newcomers. This is fast moving area that almost looks like a microcosm of the 'innovators dilemma' - except there is no large, fossilized ecosystem in place.

SDB adds aggregate function

Looks like Amazon has added an aggregate function to SDB - basically count(*).

Amazon Web Services Blog: New Count Function

I wonder why there isn't a mass quantity of blogs with performance data for various queries against various types and sizes of data sets.

February 10, 2009

CouchDB: Jeremy Zawodny's impressions

I haven't done any work with CouchDB other than read through documents, so I hope Jeremy continues to post what he learns.

Playing With CouchDB: First Impressions (by Jeremy Zawodny)