December 24, 2009

Sunset BBQ

The view while barbecuing some chicken from a local market. (Not pictured - the Mirror Pond Ale I had, the local brews have all been disappointing)

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December 21, 2009

Evening on Maui

We've finally settled into our condo for the week. Spent the day snorkeling and wandering. Things are wonderfully quiet.

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December 17, 2009

Holiday cookies

My kitchen is a hazard - it's full of Christmas cookies.

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Algorithmic (almost) content creation

This article from Wired on Demand Media and their demand-based creation and delivery of 'content' is an important movement on the Web (and off the Web too).

The choice quote is :
Instead of trying to raise the market value of online content to match the cost of producing it — perhaps an impossible proposition — the secret is to cut costs until they match the market value.

The costs to be cut are the costs of creation (manufacturing). The delivery costs are already nearly zero. Currently Demand Media is generating answers to unfulfilled questions using 'crowd sourcing' and blending media assets like video and photos and quickly written text. I wonder if someday even the text could be auto-generated.

I'm sure in the next six months we'll see a blooming of clones - 'DemandMedia for FooBar' style.

Quite a while ago I had thought about what it would take to build a content site with heavy automation on the gathering, review and approval of content. But I had not thought of optimizing that process based on audience demand. Quite clever really.

Just found this post on ReadWriteWeb from a writer that previously worked with DemandMedia - required reading to see things from the viewpoint of someone actually creating DemandMedia content.

Choice quote:
They [writers] appear to be overwhelmingly women, often with children, often English majors or journalism students, looking for a way to do what they love and make a little money at it.

Compare those demographics to Wikipedia: more than 80% male, more than 65% single, more than 85% without children, around 70% under the age of 30.

December 06, 2009

A gift from St. Nicholas

Look what I found in my shoe from St. Nicholas (or Sinterklaas if you prefer).

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