June 22, 2004

Paul's latest REST presentation - interesting read, not too Earth shattering. Next time he's talking about Amazon and REST he should give me a call.

I really like the theory .vs. practice quote - it's what I use at work in the phone tool!
In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

June 15, 2004

This Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group look interesting - maybe this group will work fast and focused and add some pragmatic updates to Web technology, unburdened by theory. I've got some ideas to send their way, if they are taking suggestions... they probably want working code though...
This article has some pretty funny quotes : phil ringnalda dot com: Worst RSS and Atom article ever:
If you are creating your own RSS feed by continually scraping your own HTML, you really need to fire your entire IT staff

June 04, 2004

Amazon is hiring - if you are in the Seattle area, or would like to be, and are interested in working with some of the brightest engineers around, take a look at the job postings. Here's an example:
We are looking for talented and hardworking software engineers, with 3+ years of experience in building distributed systems and transaction-processing applications, to join us. Successful candidates will have a strong background in object-oriented design & programming (C++/Java), UNIX, middleware technologies (publish/subscribe, CORBA), databases (Oracle), algorithms, data-structures, and web technologies (XML, Mason). A bachelor's degree or higher in computer science is required.