March 21, 2008

Party like it's 1994

You learn something new every day. Although sometimes it takes 5,110 days.
From Steve Vinoski's blog - here's
A Note on Distributed Computing from Sun in 1994.

We argue that objects that interact in a distributed system need to be dealt with in ways that are intrinsically different from objects that interact in a single address space. These differences are required because distributed systems require that the programmer be aware of latency, have a different model of memory access, and take into account issues of concurrency and partial failure.

March 11, 2008

What Sucks About Erlang

Very funny yet enlightening post about Erlang. And I still want to build a real system with it.

From Damien Katz: What Sucks About Erlang:

"The only purpose of the true -> ok line is to give it an else condition to match. That weird taste in the back of your throat? It's probably vomit."

March 01, 2008

Seattle's nuclear reactor

I knew that some universities have or had nuclear reactors for research, but I didn't know they could look this beautiful.

From Crosscut:
Abby Martin hopes that, whatever its fate, the Nuclear Reactor Building finally gets public acknowledgment of its role in history, and credit for its architectural originality. That would be in keeping with its original intent. It's hot core may be gone, but it can still teach us something.