February 24, 2006

Eliot Blogs!

Finally - Eliot has a blog! Dr. Macro's XML Rants

I worked with Eliot several years ago (at DataChannel) and enjoyed every minute of it.

February 17, 2006

More SOAP apologetics

In "Don Box on Pragmatism and Web Services", Dare quotes Don being pragmatic about when and where to SOAP
Some of the decisions [...] are simple business decisions that are determined by who your target audience is.
1. If you want a great experience for .NET/Java devs, you’ll typically publish schemas (through wsdl) and support SOAP.

Hmm, "business", "audience" and then "developer" just don't flow for me. The market for true Web applications are users, not developers. Developers using early binding procedural languages will be a shrinking market - not a growing market. Those who build for themselves are the new 'developers'.

February 09, 2006

Listings from the edge

This article by Rob Hof about Edgeio is interesting - the vision of decentralized listings is a strong one, and very exciting.

Although Teare's demo was on blogs, that doesn't appear to be the only target. He says this will work for single items on blogs all the way to millions of items from Web stores like Amazon. He contends that RSS feeds reduce the usefulness of centralized repositories of information--most big Web sites today, in other words. "EBays and Craigslists become unnecessary and the tolls they charge become unreasonable," he says.

Well, it looks like Edgeio is a centralized system, but built from de-centralized data that is also directly available. Sort of like syndicated listings.

February 07, 2006


I've started another blog - not much related to Amazon or Web technology - called
100songs. Since I have a mini ipod and buying music online is easy (and getting easier month by month) and I had a $100 gift certificate from Christmas, I thought I'd buy one song a week and write about it. Feel free to drop by and make suggestions.