September 20, 2009

PubSubHubBub - feed futures

Cool - Bob Wyman is involved in the PubSubHubBub discussion group. In this post he hints at content-based routing - not just topic based routing - being possible in the future with PSHB. It's time to find some excuse to use this new PSHB technology at my day job.

For instance, while today we think mostly about "topic-based" distribution -- i.e. subscribing to known feeds by name, in the future, people might like to subscribe to "concepts" or "words" that appear in the content of updates. Rather than saying "Tell me whenever Tom's feed changes!", you might like to say: "Tell me whenever any feed mentions PSHB." In that case, down stream systems are going to want to have the content (not just a notification of change) in order to match updates to subscriptions.

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