May 01, 2007

REST - it's inevitable

A couple weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend at Amazon - who coincidentally used to work at MS with the data access team and is a brilliant architect and engineer - and we talked about REST and how he was helping use REST concepts in refactoring some core back-end services. I made the observation that I was never stressed about how long it has taken for REST to achieve common industry understanding and acceptance - I just said "It's inevitable". I didn't realize just how short it would be for inevitable to show up.

It looks like REST has taken Redmond by storm. First I read that Mark Baker did some consulting with Microsoft (I missed the chance to have dinner with him when he was in town due to email snafu - major bummer). Then I read Dare Obasanjo's post that says "REST is totally sweeping Microsoft."

We passed the tipping point quite a while back, but it's still good to see pragmatic architectural sensibilities take root finally.

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