September 24, 2004

Why I still hate HTTP

PixelCort has some good points in Why I still hate HTTP.

  • HTTP has been around since before 1990. It’s showing its age.
    TCP/IP has been around even longer. Yikes.
  • Backwards compatability can be a good thing, to a point. But eventually you have to move on or start over.

    I'm not attempting some sort of backward compatibility. Just pointing out that a new-fangled problem like notifications isn't really all that new or fangled and didn't require a new solution - notifications are a form of transferring state and work well with REST based systems and HTTP.
  • HTTP was designed for hypertext.

    Yet is serves images, audio, stylesheets, xml and much more just fine. Odd that.
  • It’s all about the messaging. If HTTP can do all this, why are we using SMTP also?

    Good question. You should ask HotMail, Yahoo Mail, and GMail the same question.
  • HTTP is an abstract way of messaging, through a different manner.

    Not really. It's a way of transferring the state of resources.

  • It’s client-server-server-client: sends message to, which sends message to, which sends message to Yes, there are two middlemen, but it’s worth it. I maintain a constant connection to from my client, you maintain a constant connection to from your client, and the two servers will maintain keep-alive connections as needed by messages being passed between them.

    This is also how mod-pubsub works.
  • Messages are XML. Create a schema, use a namespace, and you’re all set.

    Yes, XML is cool. Sending other content types is also useful.
  • You don’t know until you try.

    True. True. That's why I tried doing real-time notifications with HTTP. You should look into it.

I have nothing against Jabber. I like the DNS domain name integration. I just think that HTTP could also be used.

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