September 24, 2004

Hammered by another hurricane

A great friend of mine is in Florida and about to be hammered by another hurricane:

Well, lookee comes Hurricane...Jeanne! Dead nuts on for Palm Bay which is about 20 miles due south of our home. Still early to gauge where landfall will be, and intensity is still relatively low. Current wind speed projection for landfall is 109 mph. Most people mainland are staying (not much choice), while all beachside just received the mandatory evacuation notice. I'll be boarding up tonight..just took them down Wednesday. Some forecasters have indicated to expect higher tornado incidents due to the storm's configuration. Due to sudden change of direction, yesterday, and expected landfall on Sunday, the only real evac options are slim...west side of FL will get pounded, too. Not enough gas in the region still, most stations here are closed now...a full tank (if you have one) will get you to Georgia or Alabama assuming you can find a place to stay. Alabama just got hit last week, so they're out of supplies, fuel, and vacancies as well. Leaving Georgia, which will likely get hit by Jeanne as well. Flights from Orlando and Jacksonville are booked. News is reporting no vacancies in Southern FL, largely due to all the people staying to help rebuild infrastructure from the last three hits., we gonna' hunker down and ride it out. The walls are concrete block filled with poured concrete, windows are impact rated to 113mph (we cover anyway to prevent risk of losing roof), the garage doors are reinforced with steel, all roof beams and crosses are tied down through the concrete block all the way to the foundation. The wind outside will sound scary, but we should be okay. The real danger comes from tornados setting down...a window of risk beginning as early as 12 hours before hurricane makes landfall. I'll send updates out periodically, as long as we can until we lose power.

Got plenty of water and supplies, and we'll be singing a lot of kumbaya. :)

- A.

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