April 28, 2004

As you probably didn't notice, I haven't posted for a couple years... I was busy at a startup (which has since folded) and I 'took some time off' before joining another company. In trying to move on from the startup frenzy I went in search of a large, stable, slow company - unfortunately I wound up at Amazon which should explain the more-than-year-long absence of posts.

In the past two years the REST approach has gathered a lot of attention and Web-scale architectural discussions are much more common. It's too bad I didn't take the time to blog that era of growing awareness, but there are plenty of others better at it than I would have been.

It is very enjoyable to me to encounter anecdotes of organizations big and small that investigate RESTish approaches and choose to implement systems in that style - (for example: Well, these guys punted on UDDI and spent a day writing a small directory using RESTish terms with easy http access. They are very happy.) I'm sure these will lead to growing body of examples that will help fuel the next phase of the adoption of the REST architectural style.

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