November 16, 2009

Making the Web faster - SPDY

Those crafty people at Google are doing some cool work to "make the Web faster". The first I had heard of this initiative it turned out to be how to make "pages" faster - a decent thing, but fairly well known. But recently some folks over there have started to look at the actual underlying issues with the gears grinding out the Web - mainly networking latency. Trying to improve the network protocol of the Web is a tricky thing - lots of people (and egos) can get involved. Surprisingly their effort seems to be off to a good start and everybody is taking it at face value and being supporting and questioning things in a positive way.

One really cool thing mentioned in their whitepaper isn't a direct 'latency' thing - it's about 'server push'. If they can really make this happen a whole knew world of application development would open up.

To enable the server to initiate communications with the client and push data to the client whenever possible.

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