May 22, 2009

Real-time Web just around the corner

The ReadWriteWeb blog has a good post about gathering momentum for a resurgence of interest in real-time search and notifications. I don't think the examples he points to will push it into the mainstream - that functionality has been around in many forms for many years (I even built seven or eight years ago to do that). I do think something will happen, but I'm not sure what application of this technology will make it to the big time.

The Real Time Web is coming so fast we've hardly had any time to think about it yet. So let's do that, shall we? The two hottest technologies online, Twitter and Facebook, are fast integrating real-time delivery of activity streams to their users. Paul Buchheit, the man who built the first versions of both Gmail and Adsense, says the real time web is going to be the next big thing. Buchheit's FriendFeed is a key point of innovation in real time. Social media ping server Gnip promised to turn everything online into Instant Messaging-style XMPP feeds, and though that's been put on hold in favor of more immediately clear value - we've still got our fingers crossed.

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