February 25, 2008

No more ugly desktop software

ReadWriteWeb it seems Mr Kirkpatrick is all a quiver with Adobe AIR :
AIR lets developers use Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML and AJAX to create desktop apps. That means no more ugly desktop software!

No more ugly desktop software. Do you really think it was the software that was the problem before? Unless you're part of the short-attention-span-journalism industry, it'll take more than drop shadows and bouncy icons to get past ugly software.

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Scott said...

Scott Pultz here, your famous intern from Asymetrix :) I have searched your blog page trying to find your email address without luck. Hopefully you will see this blog comment.

I spent 5 years working for Charles Simonyi (recent space tourist) at Intentional Software. About 6 weeks ago I joined flowplay.com which is owned by an old business partner of mine. We are doing an online world for kids. Looking at your blog, both topics may be interesting to you.

I thought of you because we now have a 17 year old intern working for us. Wow time has flied!

If you are around, shoot me an email at scottpultz@hotmail.com