November 17, 2007

Steve Vinoski’s Blog

Steve Vinoski is one cool dude. I've always had the utmost respect for IONA and even after leaving a while back, Steve continues to show the attitude of professional engineering that garnered that respect. With his measured explanation of his view of REST and Dare's theory and practice post I think I'm ready to walk away from cooling embers of the dying REST .vs. SOAP flame war. Time to unsubscribe from rest-discuss.

From Steve's blog, here are some good quotes:
People seem to get really upset when I say that the static typing benefits of popular imperative languages are greatly exaggerated, and when I say that developing real, working systems in dynamic languages is not only possible, it’s preferable.

Either way, no interface definition language is ever going to keep you or some other real live person from having to figure out what the service actually does and how to actually use it, and then coding your client accordingly.

Remember, REST is an example of applying well-chosen constraints to achieve desired architectural properties for a broad class of distributed systems, and so that’s what its constraints are all about.

Either way, anti-REST folks commonly claim that REST’s success is due only to the fact that there’s a human-driven browser in the mix, but that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

Having a solid thinker like Steve Vinoski blogging makes the Web a better place. Can't wait to hear the details of what he's working on.

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