November 04, 2007

OpenSocial - what? no logo?

Everybody has been commenting on the news of the week - Google and MySpace spinning out their own system for applets within social networks called OpenSocial.

It seems everyone has missed the biggest gap in the OpenSocial system - they have no logo! Rather than talk about the disappointing lack of open content in their 'extension' to Atom for profile data (anyone heard of hCard or FOAF?) or the lack of anything innovative like client-side includes (that might actually lead to social networks being spidered by a big search engine) I've decided to contribute my l33t grafx skillz to the community in the form of an OpenSocial logo. It includes the mandatory Web 2.0/startup color scheme of blue and orange. I need to figure out how to include the RSS radio waves into the design somehow...

or this...

Next, a motto : "Where do I belong today?"

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