September 03, 2007

CouchDB: Thinking beyond the RDBMS

From Assaf at labnotes,
CouchDB: Thinking beyond the RDBMS

It stores document in a flat space.

There are no schemas. But you do store (and retrieve) JSON objects. Cool kids rejoice.

And all this happens using Real REST (you know, the one with PUT, DELETE and no envelopes to hide stuff), so it doesn’t matter that CouchDB is implemented in Erlang. (In fact, Erlang is a feature)

Here’s where it gets interesting. There are no indexes. So your first option is knowing the name of the document you want to retrieve. The second is referencing it from another document. And remember, it’s JSON in/JSON out, with REST access all around, so relative URLs and you’re fine.

Hmm, Erlang. Hmm, no schemas. Hmm, no write consistency. Sounds perfect.

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