July 17, 2007

Object serialization raises it's insidious head

Funny post from Dare Obasanjo decrying the horrible state of affairs created by the company he works for.

This part is about object serialization and version incompatibility.

However, the insidious thing is that the failure wasn’t because their application was improperly coded to fail if it saw a fruit it didn’t know, it was because the platform they built on was statically typed. Specifically, the Web Services platform automatically converted the XML to objects by looking at our WSDL file (i.e. the interface definition language which stated up front which types are returned by our service) . So this meant that any time new types were added to our service, our WSDL file would be updated and any application invoking our service which was built on a Web services platform that performed such XML<->object mapping and was statically typed would need to be recompiled. Yes, recompiled.

Insidious indeed! Who in their right mind could have predicted such things!

And this...
It’s sad that as an industry we built a technology on an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and our first instinct was to make it as inflexible as technology that is two decades old which was never meant to scale to a global network like the World Wide Web.

Who's this industry of which you speak, Kemosabe?

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