May 09, 2007

It’s my Vineyard

I found this blog about a couple that have purchased a vineyard in France - what a dream!

It’s my Vineyard
"Sitting in glorious sunshine on the terrace of The Restaurant du Pont having a delicious lunch we are reflecting that it is almost two years ago that we fell in love and bought Maison des Bulliats and its vines in Regnie, Beaujolais, one of the most idylic spots on earth."

This reminds me of the book "The Olive Season" which is about an impetuous British actress that purchases a run down villa and Olive 'garden' in the South of France. We found that book in the apartment we rented while we stayed in France two summers ago. Interesting book - although the scattered personality and writing of the author can get exasperating - and I'm looking forward to following this French vineyard blog.

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