April 20, 2007

Tim Bray stole my flowers

I regularly read Tim Bray's posts, but admit that I skip the details of a few posts about hardware now and again... however his recent flurry of spring flowers made me laugh because it's like he's talking about my backyard.
It first started with a star magnolia, his was blooming a bit after ours had started flowering - here's a photo of ours.

Then it was a rhododendron, which is fairly common in the Pacific Northwest. We have a white with pink tinge and half a dozen more that haven't bloomed yet - they come out at different times of the year each with different colors, very cheerful.

Then there was the trillium which is my favorite flower. My wife bought a bulb and planted it out back by a little pond because she knew I loved them so much. Three came up this year and I missed the chance to take a good photo, but Tim's will do very nicely.

And there are others - tulips, more rhodies, daffodils. The grape hyacinths are pretty, but their fragrance is the best. Put these near your front door and you'll really know when Spring arrives. You might need to check the particular kind of grape hyacinth - ours looks a bit different.

If Tim next publishes photos of hibiscus and sunflowers, I'm going to get suspicious.

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