April 05, 2007

Spring in the Northwest

Spring has definitely arrived here in Kirkland. One of the rhododendron and the Star Magnolia tree are in bloom, brilliant white blossoms finally brightening the yard as well as adding their perfume to the air. There is something about the warming of the forest at the beginning of the year that gives a smell of the outdoors that charges me up. I'm very lucky to be able to work from my home over the past six months and I took a break from work this afternoon to split some wood from trees that had fallen in our winter storm. (If you ever get tired of spinning your wheels and want to do something with visible results, come on over, pick up an axe and split some wood!)
Being outside is so wonderful - the sound of birds (especially the Northern Flickers), the random bumbling path of a bumble bee and even the first butterfly I've seen this year all make me grateful for the place I live. There was even a pileated woodpecker hopping around the lower part of the Doug Fir outside my office window. If my cat hadn't been asleep on my lap he would have gone nuts!

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