April 16, 2007

Inertial electrostatic fusion

I haven't heard any news recently about inertial electrostatic (confinement) fusion, so I was pleased to read a note (on the Google Research blog of all places) mentioning Robert Bussard (former Asst. Director of the AEC) talking about inertial electrostatic fusion. Apparently it's a video - I hate video. I'd rather read about it, but this should be good. I tried to get some information from EMC2 (Bussard's company) a while back, but they didn't answer emails. Hopefully this video will give some interesting info on what they've been doing.

Wow - this is very very cool. Bussard has been working for over ten years on Navy contract to research and build a spherically confined fusion reaction - and they've done it. The funding from the Navy dried up, his company has the patent and now the next step is to get funding to build a full scale prototype. After that - cheap and limitless energy for the world. Wow.


Jeremy said...

Wow indeed. I donated 20 US dollars to his fund. Just so I'd be on the list of people who did.

M. Simon said...

I have some updates:

Funding restored

Jeremy said...

The contract exists/continues in the form of 'no cost'. There is no extra funding at this time. Not from the US Navy anyway. Hopefully the donation program is humming along.
You want to live forever? Donate here. http://www.emc2fusion.org