March 19, 2007

SpaceX launching demo flight #2 today

I don't know where I've been, but I had no idea that SpaceX corporation is so far along with their technology and their business. They three configurations - light, medium and heavy. These can reach LEO, GEO and the heavy can support planetary missions! A commercial company that can reach another planet! They are broadcasting the launch also.

This video of their Falcon1 launch in late 2006 kicks so much ass over the BlueOrigin test launch - although when BlueOrigin launches that cute iPod of a rocket for real, that will be so very cool.

Update - the launch was delayed 45 minutes, but the live webcast is on. Cool! I can see vapors from the fuel topping off! "T minus 20 minutes and counting..." Wicked!

Update - AARggh! They aborted launch at T minus 1:15. Not sure why yet.

Update - The launch engineer has announced termination of the webcast, but the launch will be rescheduled for tomorrow same time.

(Check out the google maps of the Omelek Island launch site - someday we'll have live Google Earth with the 3D trajectory!)

PS - if you want to chat about this, download this Firefox sidebar and go to the SpaceX home page

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