December 21, 2006

Windstorm 2006

Taking the limbs off.
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The recent windstorm here in Washington knocked down three trees in our backyard. One snapped at the base and landed on our swingset and narrowly missed our deck and hot tub. The other two tipped over, pulling up a huge rootball and landed on the edge of the yard and into the forest.
We were without power for five days, which wasn't so bad for us. Our fireplace in the basement kept us warm and we learned you can actually bake cookies on a barbecue grill (if your daughter really really wants to make cookies). Some friends dropped their kids off for a sleepover (since our house wasn't freezing) and we all had a good time playing games by candlelight.

Now it's time to finish taking the limbs off the trees and clean the yard - fun fun.

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