November 17, 2006

What's old is new again

Check out this short article from 1998 on making more responsive web applications using - get this - javascript.

We can create a more responsive experience if we look at the available technology in a different way. In particular, we are going to forget the assumption that a Web page is loaded directly from a Web server. Instead, we are going to use the request/response structure of the Web in a slightly different way.

I wonder how far back we can see this approach being used or clearly talked about.


Santarrosa said...
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Santarrosa said...

Are you the crator of MDraw?

I love it. It is usefull and I want obtain the last version. My version is v0.7.

Trully yours,
Carlos Eduardo
Rio de Janeiro,

Mike said...

Yes, I wrote that program many many years ago, but stopped developing it a long time ago.

Here are some other free drawing programs:

A full featured illustration program called InkScape is very cool (a bit slow at times)
A Visio-like drawing tool

Good luck, and I'm very happy that you found that MDraw worked well for you!