April 09, 2006

Telomolecular Nanocircles

This description of telomere technology from Telomolecular looks interesting:

Synthetic DNA Nanocircles are a biomedical nanotechnology invented by Dr. Eric Kool and colleagues of Stanford University. These nanometer-sized circular DNAs have been shown to elongate chromosomal telomeres in vitro. They consist of DNA bases arranged in a sequence that templates the lengthening of telomeres by repeated addition of new TTAGGG sequences. Nanocircles have shown promise in telomere elongation in human tissues. By combining nanocircles with new proprietary gene therapy and delivery technologies, Telomolecular believes that nanocircles might work efficiently in living animals.

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usawinston@icqmail.com said...

when is someone going to make an old animal young again using this approach. They have made skin young again on a mouse by telomerase activation methods. So! when is some researcher going to mix this compound together in a test tube and use the TAT-PTD vector or the pLGA vector and deliver it to a living breathing cow, horse, dog, mouse or US. Good GOD!!!!!