March 30, 2006

Naked Answers

I like what Werner wrote about the visit from Shel Israel and Robert Scoble. Heh, wish I'd been there. I must have missed the email...

Anyway, this particular part struck me as being very true :
Amazon is a long time pioneer in the space of involving their customers with our product. And we really listen to our customers; any Amazon employee who encounters an issue on a forum or weblog or at any other place is empowered to escalate those issues internally immediately until they get fixed. Customer feedback is essential for Amazon and we will use all effective means to get it.

A few times over the past few years I've brought issues to internal teams and each time they have been totally positive about working on them - often it's a 'user education' thing (usually I'm the one being educated), but when it's a larger issue I've seen teams honestly re-examine what they are doing and incorporate the feedback and real change really happens.

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