March 18, 2006

Irish pub on St Patrick's Day

On most Friday's, our team goes out for a lunch in Seattle's International district - mostly Asian, Thai and Indian food. But this Friday as we were heading out, we remembered it was St Patrick's Day and started looking for an Irish pub. The ones we knew about were kind of far, so we decided on going to F.X. McRory's - I always thought of it as a whiskey bar, but figured it had some Irish-ness to it.
When we got there, the staff all had some sort of green hat or shamrock painted on their cheek, so we knew we found the right place. There is a huge dining hall off to one side with high ceilings, old wooden floors and super tall windows letting in the sun - it was very nice. But the best part was that our table was right next to a band playing drums and bagpipes! I love the sound of bagpipes, but dang they were loud . We noticed later that the musicians had ear plugs - cheaters.
The menu had stew, shepherd's pie and corned beef and cabbage sandwiches - so I got the sandwich. I'd never had corned beef before and I have to say it's good enough try again someday - especially given a tall glass of Guiness to go along with it. But I'll have to warn you, the little dish of what looks like cabbage isn't cabbage, so if you take a big bite (like I did) you'd better really like horseradish.

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