September 11, 2005

Internet scale integration on the rise

It's so thrilling to see a Microsoft employee promoting REST as an Internet-scale and Internet-friendly integration approach - almost as if he invented it.

From Dare (I'm not fired yet) Obasanjo's blog:

An interesting challenge I've faced at work is convincing some of the developers on my team that just because we use SOAP for the services we use internally, this doesn't mean we may not use alternate appproaches for Web facing services. This issue first came up when we decided to go with the MetaWeblog API as the blog editing API for MSN Spaces and I'm sure it will keep coming up.

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. SOAP/WS-* are not the answer to every problem and just because they can't be used in a particular problem space doesn't mean that problem space any less valid than others. The sooner people understand the dichotomy that is intranet vs. internet service development, the better.

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