July 10, 2005

Amazon turns 10

Amazon is 10 years old this week - and two great musicians (Bob Dylan and Norah Jones) are going to give a show! But I'm going to be out of the country :(

This NYT article an Amazon is amusing - the 'analysts' still want Bezos to quit:
"But in general, the practice in the technology world is to bring in an experienced manager who can earn Wall Street's respect, either shortly after the founding of a company or just before it goes public."

This is kind of funny advice, since there is no other place that has the experience that Amazon needs to run the business. And Amazon historically has worked to earn the respect of customers - I think Wall Street should go earn their own respect. Also, the practice of bringing in new management - in general - also has happened just before a company vaporizes. Coincidence? I think not.

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