May 08, 2005

RealID Act of 2005

Take a look at the RealID act of 2005 and
visit the site to fax your comments to your Senators.
Here is my input:

Dear Senators Murray and Cantwell ,

I am writing to you regarding the Real ID act of 2005. I have recently read much of this legislation and am so concerned about the results of its use and potential misuse that I had to speak up immediately.

Title I allows waiving any and all federal laws at the sole discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security for the stated purpose of building barriers and roads. This is hole you could drive a truck through - and I cannot conceive of any improvement to barriers and roads that would improve the security of our citizens in any meaningful way. But I can imagine many creative uses of this provision.

Title II paves the way for a national ID card - which is the opposite of individual liberty and freedom that a federation of independent states is supposed to represent. What security for a citizen of the U.S. means is that our choices as individuals are secure - secure from observers checking up on us, secure from being told what to do or where to travel, secure from central committees planning our future, secure from invasions of our privacy as well as invasions of our property.

Please help keep the people of our states and our countries free.

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