March 24, 2005

Bosworth is back - yea!

I always enjoy reading Adam Bosworth's words of wisdom. His latest post -
Tensions on the Web - is partly about the wonderful opening of communication via the Web and the rough spots ahead due to 'vandals'. It reminded me of my post from last year about attention as the scarce resource.

From Adam's blog -
In this very triumph, comes the tension and the problems. Every one of these groups has to worry about spam. Wikipedia does occasionally get spammed, but their entries are long-lasting and resilient and usually get fixed. For information that is more time critical and evanescent however, this sort of vandalism can be much more harmful.

It is going to be fascinating and exciting to watch how these tensions play out, namely the rising trend of people working together and collaborating and communicating over the web in increasingly real time ways contending with the human needs for privacy and reflection and with the unfortunate nature of some humans to vandalize rather than to construct.

I have a feeling Adam will be doing more than just watching... I know I will be.

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