March 31, 2005

Another RESTafarian is born

From Mark Baker's discussions with Dare on xml-dev you can see the next step as a young Jedi turn away from the Dark Side -
What Does SOAP/WS Do that A REST System Can't?

I think I finally understand this. Let's use RSS feeds as an example. So
all the data we'll consider is in the RSS format. In an SOA model I'd
have a getSearchResults() service to get RSS feeds from Feedster, a
getRecentBlogPosts() service to get RSS feeds from the average blog and
a getRecentNews() service to get RSS feeds from a news site which
clients can support. If later on a a new service shows up (e.g.
getRecentBookmarks() to get RSS feeds from then the client
has to be upgraded.

However, since on the Web we actually use HTTP GET for fetching RSS
feeds, the fact that some new use of RSS shows up doesn't mean people
like me have to rewrite clients to support them [modulo supporting
extensions to RSS].

It took a while to figure what the uniform interface argument was about
but now I think I get it.

I'm just glad he didn't post that tomorrow on April 1st.

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