January 21, 2005

Google to provide AdWords API to Advertisers

This statement from Silicon Valley Watcher (via The Now Economy) caught my eye -

It is but a short step from the global delivery of simple text ads to carrying commercial transactions also. This would pitch it against companies such as eBay and other online retailers.

I don't belive it is a short step, but it does seem like the next logical step for Google and Froogle.

Google offers no controls over ad content and where it is delivered. It just gets scattered out through its network chasing keywords in web pages. It's inefficient, but, surely Google can just take notes and implement similar ad services packages and controls?

“They won’t because it’s not in their genes, they are engineers,” Podell says.

That's funny - they are engineers so they won't change? Google is all about relevance and once they figure out that what the market wants - topical relevance, audience relevance, or even relevance to the seller's profit motive - then they'll change.

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