August 25, 2004

What's XMPP?

phil wilson mentioned XMPP as being used to deliver Atom feeds. While I don't know much about XMPP (must research...).
I'm disappointed that so many people require so many hoops to publish XML messages in near real-time, when HTTP is sufficient.

More fragmentation of the network and address space used for exchanging messages. Remember - "There can be only one".


Pip said...

Well, I think Bob Wyman made it fairly clear in his comment to your other post on the subject that for them, HTTP simply wasn't enough, even though it had been their initial target.

If you need it over HTTP and still use XMPP then there's JEP-0025 - Jabber HTTP Polling where you can POST XMPP stanzas to a JEP-0025 enabled server (although I don't know if there actually are any servers which implement this, especially seeing as it's historical) and the more fully fledged JEP-0124 - HTTP Binding (

XMPP and JEP-0060 provide a lot more than just a means to transport Atom.

Mike said...

HTTP is definitely sufficient. I've done it with KnowNow, mod-pubsub and even a sample JMS-to-HTTP bridge called Destiny on sourceforge.

It's just software - you can do anything.

I'll eventually get the time to respond to Bob's post and discuss how a REST-based pubsub system would look like, how HTTP would work (or not) and I need to research XMPP to compare/contrast with HTTP.