August 16, 2004

Teepee - internet scale event notification

Rohit is on a roll again via The Now Economy

One of the primary thrusts of our work at CN Labs will be a new kind of internet-scale event notification service: an application-layer router. Just like there's an IP packet format at the network layer, there ought to be a new standard that unifies the welter of application-layer protocols: smTP, htTP, fTP, nnTP, and more.

TP, a Transfer Protocol, merely provides a best-effort delivery service for named, MIME-typed bags of bits. Rather than using IP addresses, those names are the endpoints that identify multiple services.

This sounds like a protocol geared to one-to-many delivery.
(Although the example of 'delta > 5' seems like a bad choice as it is susceptible to the sampling frequency of the event source.)

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