July 29, 2004

Webjay - "Amazonia" by mdierken

This WebJay thing Lucas has cooked up is pretty cool. I finally figured out how to integrate with Amazon - they have free downloads of great songs. So... check out "Amazonia" by mdierken - my playlist.

(I just love Alison Krauss)


Lucas Gonze said...

Really happy to see you hanging around, Mike. The world of a/v on the web is badly in need of hackers who grok the web. For example, you are a person who would understand the basis of this rant:


Mike said...

Note - the Amazon free MP3 downloads have a limit per-song. Something like five downloads. So you had better use a caching client or manually download and store the songs. Linking is going to break. (I'll go talk to some people and make myself annoying.)