July 19, 2004

TIBCO's RFID strategery

TIBCO's RFID strategery (via ADTmag.com via mod-pubsub)

Clearly, in the RFID world the killer apps will be written by the companies themselves because they would understand their business better,” Pandya told Application Development Trends in a recent interview. Those in-house developers have the infrastructure and access to information to actually create those killer apps based on the standards for RFID and companion technologies such as Web services, he noted.

I think you can effectively strike out mention of RFID - the actual point is that killer apps can and will be written by in-house developers.

Here's something interesting about RFID (which I know nothing about but probably should learn Real Soon Now):
"The thing with RFID is that if you keep it very simple, all you know is what, where and when,” Pandya said. “But what that means is that I know nothing about why. The critical information around why doesn’t exist.”

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