July 27, 2004

Schneider on BEA

Jeff Schneider has a very cogent piece on Bosworth and BEA :
He also says something interesting about service oriented architectures that I'll need to think about:
Here are a couple more things to chew on:

  • web services and service networks increase the complexity of the enterprise I.T. stack

  • the more moving parts there are the more it costs to bring them together

  • not all buyers need the same level of complexity (if only we had J2EE Beginners version, J2EE advanced version, etc.)

  • service oriented infrastructure will be most beneficial to very large I.T. shops

  • if you refactor software out of the application and into the network, you should be able to reduce the development and integration time - if you didn't; you failed.

  • Remember - dBase, PowerBuilder and ColdFusion. Developers like when you make them look like rock stars - give them the tools to beat expectations.

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