July 10, 2004

plasticbag.org talks about developing a URL structure for broadcast radio sites...

[...] I think the issue of how we map broadcast programming to web URLs is a really interesting one, and because I think we've done some good work here that other people might find useful or interesting.

Sharing is good - everybody, pay attention:

So the first thing to explain is that Radio 3's new site is particularly interesting and ground-breaking because it doesn't just have a page for every broadcast, it has a page for every episode. This is way cooler than having a page for every broadcast, but the full implications of it aren't immediately easy to digest. Basically it means that there would only be one page for any documentary no matter how many times that documentary is repeated. That one specific page then becomes the definitive home for that episode of that documentary on the BBC and all subsequent information or supplementary material that is relevant to that episode can be stuck onto that page at any point in time. Imagine it as being a bit like having an entry in IMDB for that particular radio episode. It's like creating the basis for an ever growing encyclopaedia of Radio 3 programming, and it should make it really easy to search for information about a programme without getting overwhelmed by dozens of versions of the same page, each containing little odds and sods of information, none of which are aware that they're all talking about the same thing.

As your lawyer, I recommend that your site do the same thing.

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