July 10, 2004

Dare Obasanjo is raining on the W3C parade...

Either way the primary mechanism the W3C uses to produce technology specs is to take a bunch of contradictory and conflictiong proposals then have a bunch of career bureaucrats try to find some compromise that is a union of all the submitted specs

Damn those career bureaucrats that built XML. Or is it the SOAP design process that caused the grief? And where did that technology come from anyway?

It seems many vendors amd individuals are realizing that the way to produce an innovative technology is for the vendors that will mostly be affected by the technology to come up with a specification that is satisfactory to the participants as opposed to trying to innovate by committee.

The 'many vendors and individuals' claim paints the community with a fairly broad brush. I know that 'rough consensus and working code' is the by-word of several organizations.
So, which particular groups are doing the 'learning'?

Also, what's with this 'vendor' stuff? This frames the whole software industry as an "offer-to-sell/offer-to-buy" community. Why is it against the rules for the users of the technology to come up with the innovations in that technology all on their own?

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