March 06, 2002

"Messages Bouncing Around" - that's what this blog is all about. Messages are so cool. Take a look at a future hot item Six Degres from Creo - their tagline is "Messages Files People". How true that is.

Think about large information systems - the Web or any large corporation. In corporations, you've got databases and file systems and content mangement and whatnot.
You've got 'directory services' - which are either information like printers or people and groups. And you have messaging servers - email and message queues. Thats it. But you've got many many different ways to access these things - sometimes multiple ways for the same system. You can't point from one to another. A real mess.

Now on the Web, there are all these things, and only one way to access them. Elegant - but maybe a little too elegant. We've pretty much got the information part down on the Web - we even have DAV to make it complete. We need some pointers for the other two pieces - people and messages. People can be identified with a uri -like - but that's a lowly reference that doesn't support much functionality. Let's create some real people oriented web addresses.

After that we can talk about Web messaging.

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